Bio Oly Diaz

Oly Diaz-Torres is the Co-Founder for Oly Diaz Brand, a firm with the objective of providing First time Art Buyer consultation and selling unique and original artwork from the artist and also was the Co-Founder
Director for a non profit Civil Art Association, where she designed new on brand visual
elements, developed designs deliverables, differentiated and functioned on brand and on
She taught at UCLA, Faculty of Art and UCV, faculty of Architecture, modified the general
education curriculum for special needs students based upon a variety of instructional techniques
and technologies. Demonstrated a continued commitment to undergraduate teaching through
full participation in the college community.
She studied at the Armando Reveron Institute for Advanced Studies in Plastic Arts in Caracas.
She also studied in England at the Chelsea College of Art & Design where she obtained a
Master of Fine Arts in Combined Media.
Her works have been shown in numerous galleries, museums, and cultural institutions in
Venezuela, England and The United States.

Oly Diaz. Acrylic on Canvas . Private Collection